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Benefits of an Individualized Learning Path

We thank all of you that donated last month in an effort to close the learning gaps. Your financial support is making an impact!

Research shows that youth with an individualized learning path has self-confidence, higher performance, and mastery of skills.

What is an individualized learning path? An individual learning path is a personalized learning and development course based on the youth’s learning gaps in math, reading, and language arts.

We introduce to you Darrion, who’s been in the program since 2019. He started when we were in the recreation center. Darrion was well-mannered and kept himself. He’s the brother of our previous spotlight, Dominique. While at the recreation center, we used a different educational software called Reading Eggs. Darrion was very excited about the content and read almost 300 books from the software library. This showed us that he definitely wanted to progress in his reading. He has been celebrated with gift cards and cash money for his attendance and the amount of time spent on the software. He is dedicated to learning and improving weekly.

The educational software, Exact Path, creates individualized learning paths to address the gaps in math, reading, and language arts. We have mentees like Darrion that show consistency, perseverance, and determination. The chart shows the effort that Darrion is showing by increasing the number of activities that he’s doing. Although he hasn’t assessed in many skills, it gives him an opportunity to improve in mastering skills.

Your help is needed to provide more mentoring services for our youth like Darrion. Your contribution will change the lives of each child, parent, and family.

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