Donate Now to move our Children from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn.

Help Us Increase Reading Levels!

Donate Now to move our Children from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn. image




Help Us Increase Reading Levels!

Today a Reader.  Tomorrow a Leader.

Each and every day, Family Biz Builder addresses the challenges of illiteracy and behavior issues of the youth in Tunica County, Mississippi. We hope after hearing Kelly’s story, you will join us and donate to help change the lives of the children in this community.

Kelly’s Story: We met a little girl named Kelly who lives with her single mom. Her mom has two low paying jobs and is unable to provide a stable household. Because mom has to be away from home both day and night, she’s not able to spend much time with Kelly and cannot assist with schoolwork. Even so, Kelly has a strong desire to learn to read.

Her mom found the Biz Builder Literacy Program through an after-school program at the Robinsonville Recreation Center. When Kelly came to her first workshop, she had tears in her eyes – she was so excited to learn how to read, but quickly became discouraged when she didn’t know how to use the tablet and online software. Kelly has never been exposed to technical devices or the internet other than at school. Because of this, she has had many challenges at school and was unable to pass the state equivalency test. By the end of her first workshop, with our one-on-one mentoring and teamwork, Kelly was able to power-up the tablet and sign-in to her lessons all by herself and she’s learning to read. She had tears of joy, and so did we. Kelly and other students in this situation can be helped with one-on-one mentoring by people who care. We have so many children who face similar challenges as Kelly and are transformed through their experiences with us.

Please donate today so Kelly and more children like Kelly can learn to read and move on to reading to learn.

Your gift of $100 will mean that one more child, like Kelly will be able to attend the Biz Builder Literacy workshops weekly. Click on one of the donate options to make your tax-deductible donation now!

Thank you so much for helping our readers to someday be our leaders.